The concept of the supernatural is intended to act as a representation of what a human cannot achieve or be. Whether it is from an mental or physical standpoint, it exists on a level beyond what we are capable of, so representing them in movies can be somewhat challenging. So how did movies manage to portray a sense of the supernatural?

Size was often an easy choice, as certain actors often filled the “large” roles repeatedly and found their niche. Arnold Schwarzenegger was a good example of such an actor, who played in movies such as predator and was a former Mr. Olympia champion. When he played Conan the Barbarian, he was so physically imposing that viewers honestly felt that he would have been able to perform the amazing feats of the barbarian warrior Conan, despite being faced with an evil sorcerer as an opponent.

Size also was used in more modern movies, such as the movie adaption of the Percy Jackson books, in which the Olympian gods were magnitudes larger than the demi-gods in their natural state. Despite the actors being of perfectly normal proportions, this allowed the pantheon to be viewed from a different standpoint, adding to what was meant to be their incredible physical strength.

Strength, however, can be portrayed in a multitude of ways and it was done so effectively in Troy, the 2004 film.. Achilles, played by Brad Pitt, was dipped in the River Styx by his mother as a baby and was completely invincible except for his heel, which she held him by. This is displayed perfectly as he slashes through countless enemies as he lands on the Trojan beaches, as well as hurling a spear further than any man could.

The strength of Hercules is personified in this throw by Hector’s reaction; despite already being shown as a proficient combatant, Hector is astonished by Achilles’ throw and even Troy’s greatest warrior shows some sense of fear.