Mythology is a specific form of folklore that focuses on epic tales, with the characters often being of a supernatural or divine heritage. In almost every civilization since records have existed, there has been some perception of gods and their role in society. With an ever-growing understanding of each individual culture and their beliefs, we have never had more of an opportunity to review and learn, about how certain aspects of life were explained, such as the formation of the cosmos or, as we discuss in one of our articles, the establishment of seasons.

For the Ancient Greeks, the word mythology had a variety of meanings, but their epic poems are some of the most widely recognised and appreciated in modern times, with many people around the world able to name some of the ancient gods or perhaps know the tale of Achilles and the Trojan Horse or Golden Tiger.

Our website will function as a form of mythography, in which we hope to help our readers understand, appreciate and learn about the impact that mythology had on both the ancient and modern world, whether by explaining a phenomenon or introducing a new term that is used today, such as the Peeping Tom from medieval Britain.

With so many potential civilizations to read up on, and an ever-growing number of possible topics to discover, the world of mythology can be so vast it becomes intimidating; we have tailored every article to ensure that any reader can both appreciate and enjoy the content, while still hopefully learning something new.